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Shiloh Christian Academy challenges our students to be the very best they can be. Step into a classroom at Shiloh Academy and you will discover students actively involved in the learning process.  

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum at SCA is a comprehensive and thought-provoking program that teaches students about their world: past, present, and preparation for the future.



Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on the importance of the scientific method; in-class hands-on experiments, student-designed investigations, and participation in science competitions. 



Students develop the ability to articulate and explain their own thinking. Emphasis is placed on the Number Strand to ensure students have a firm foundation in their understanding of numbers and their basic computation skills. 


Literature Arts

The curriculum taught at SCA allows students from diverse elementary backgrounds to construct a common set of skills and strategies for reading comprehension and writing. 


The focus of this curriculum is learning how to think like an artist. Students are taught the studio habits of mind, elements of art, and principles of design. Students learn foundational drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture skills. 


Physical Education

The SCA physical education curriculum focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for safe, competent, and satisfying participation in physical activity throughout life. 

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